Artist: Kat Tudor

        Kat Tudor is the visionary behind SunWater Spa, Sun Mountain Center, and the Smokebush Foundation for the Arts in Manitou Springs, Co. Her gift is bringing the arts and the healing arts together in inspiring classes, unexpected collaborations, and community projects. She’s been teaching art, dance, yoga, aqua yoga, and improvisational arts since 1979 in Colorado and around the world ranging from local happenings and installations (The Uncle Wilber Fountain: an interactive and whimsical fountain in Colorado Springs co-created with husband Bob, The Tesla Toaster), to international ceremonies (Aqua Luz: a planetary project for healing Earth’s water with crystals, Yogic Spirals for Peace). Most recently, she’s been collaborating with Miguel Angel Vergera, Mayan Wisdom Keeper and Scholar on Halach Uinik Yoga – Transmutation, Transformation, Realization – which comes from the teachings, glyphs, and secret practices of the Mayan. She is grateful to all of her teachers- Saul David Raye for his awakening of Thai and Tantra teachings within her soul. Celina Kaelin, for teaching her Native history and who has given Kat the name of Wa Kaa Wachak Pi Wee; or, Sacred Star. And Miguel Angel, for his teachings in bringing in the light.

This is a work in progress. New photos and designs will be added on a regular baises as we proceed.

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