One of the first Concepts

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

This is one of the designs we came up with for the tree sculpture. Due to certain limitations the design has changed now.

One of the Prototype

This a conceptual model created to show scale and possible layout of the piece. Keep in mind this is one side and the other tree will be a mirror of the first with different details. The concrete forms the benches that look like roots and or tree stumps, the mushrooms represent possible interactive “drums” or can be removed to make tables, or planters. The tree’s face will be made of resin as will the layer above the head. Both concrete and resin will have tubes of LEDs running through them that will all connect to the computer behind the trunk in a locked concrete box, making it easy to access to program.

This is a work in progress. New photos and designs will be added on a regular baises as we proceed.

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