Details On The Project

     The art installation team of The

Smokebrush Foundation led by the Creative Direction

of Kat Tudor has been supplying and enlightening the

Southern Colorado public for over 20 years. Our work

materializes itself in forms that bewilder, amuse, and


     Outdoors you can see our Uncle Wilber

Fountain in downtown Colorado Springs and the

Quarters For Conservation token booths at the

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (a project led by inventor

and artist Bob Tudor) Also downtown, The Cubical

Cactus and Alan’s Odd Duck have complimented one

of the most sophisticated and amazing outdoor

fountains in the country.

      Indoors our installations

have been seen in galleries all over the state and often

at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. On the road,

or in a parade, you may see our drivable, giant toaster,

or possibly pop up Tesla event in a park. Our

mediums are many and our themes are endless.

     Whether painting, playing home-made instruments,

incorporating the healing arts, creating two-handed

drawings, or changing the way we use objects,

whatever we do is guaranteed to be exciting and fun.

Please consider us for this amazing opportunity to

replace the Canon Avenue trees with something not

only reminiscent of their history but in celebrating of

their beauty.

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