Nicolas Ordahl 




Nicolas Ordahl, the Founder and President of Nicolas Ordahl Design & Fabrication (NOD&F), has fifteen years of experience in design and fabrication and twenty in electrical. Since moving to Colorado Springs in 2002, he’s:

  • Created the Solar Bench, demonstrating solar power in public art

  • Empowered other artists with such projects as the Super Kiln

  • Helped the granite industry by creating safer racks for handling big slabs

  • Installed the first commercial solar in COS, at The Old Town Bike Shop in 2007

  • Created sculpture for the new St Francis Hospital

  • And made many cool lights, lamps, sculptures, and custom items for homes and businesses.

At NOD&F we embrace both “new” and/or “complex,” because our customer’s needs lead us to new inventions, such as the “Interactive Display and Water Table” for the Colorado Springs Utilities and the “Smart Grow System 1.” And our inventions have received accolades; in 2015, the SGS1 was a finalist in the International IPSO Challenge.

Our focus on such extraordinary projects has led us to create a team of extraordinary individuals, who come together as projects demand. Our collective expertise includes electrical, electronic, computer programming, artistic design, lighting design, industrial design, welding, fabrication, solar design and installation, furniture design, and invention in all of these fields.

We work closely with our customers to develop solutions, from simple handrails to complex lighting systems; NOD&F balances innovation and practicality in every undertaking. We love to build things. Here’s our process: 1) Actively listen, to perfectly understand your concept; 2) Use drawings and/or 3-D renderings to clearly communicate possible options; 3) Provide a description of the scope, timeline, and cost; 4) Create your product, and deliver or install it.

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