Mission Statement 

    Arboluz is a Smokebrush Foundation public art sculpture celebrating love, positive communication and the power of prayer while paying tribute to the Manitou Springs Canon avenue trees that were cut down in May 2017.


     Inspired in part by artist Rockey's drawing and story: "The Tree Couple", the project will also include carved benches from the actual Canon Avenue trees.


    The original concept of the tree sculpture was envisioned by artist Kat Tudor as part of her Arboluz project. 


  The final Arboluz interactive light and sound sculpture will invite participants into experiencing the symbolic life force energy living within the roots of the tree and spanning to the farthest reaches of the cosmos through its branches.


    Utilizing the unmatched power of the tree to bridge the gap between the two worlds. One's prayer can be manifested and realized through a small hole in the tree sculpture. This activating meditation will create a portal from which the prayers and intentions will be amplified and shot straight through the ethers. Synthesizing yoga, visualization, and prayer,


   this symbolic, sculptural tree will invite participants to connect with the whole Earth through one tree, reminding all of us of our birthright as medicine men and women and as protectors of the planet.


This is a work in progress. New photos and designs will be added on a regular baises as we proceed.

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